St Peter and St Paul, Albury
1250 Alan de Pointon  
1285 Gilbert D'Abernon  
1327 Gilbert le Cob  
1349 Richard de Weston  
1361 Robert Brightrich  
1384 William Loxley  
1400 William Norton  
1402 John Wath  
1406 Walter Stonyng  
1410 Edmund Barbour  
1411 John Coke  
1413 William de Bedford
Edmund Crofter
Edmund Forster
1478 James Byrkhed  
1509 Roger Colyngwode
Richard Hutton
Edward Banks
1560 Bartholomew Bowdock  
1582 Robert Cowper  
1610 William Oughtred
He came to Albury (worth £100 per annum) having been incumbent in Shalford for five years previously. He is well known for his book Clavis Mathematicae. It was said that he was a pitiful preacher; the reason was because he never studied it, but bent all his thoughts on the mathematics; but when he was in danger of being sequestered for a royalist, he fell to the study of divinity and preached admirably well, even in his old age. He died June 13th 166*
William Oughtred
1660 John Hansley  
1667 John Holland  
1691 George Duncombe  
1714 Joseph Peters  
1745 John Botham  
1774 Samual Hursley  
1780 William Polhill
He served here until March 11th 1822 when he died at the age of 85. Miss Bray, a resident of Albury, has entered in her "Recollections of Shere", written in 1857:- "Mr. Polhill, Rector of Albury, was a good specimen of the old-fashioned race of clergy now extinct. He and his wife were perfect pictures in their neat and pretty personage, and when on Sundays, he descended from his respectable chariot in his full-bottomed powdered wig, dingle hat and flowing silk gown, and walked up the Churchyard with his lady by his side dressed in white with black silk cloak, he made a most imposing figure to my mind. Yet his teaching was not such as I should value now, and he did not scruple in his younger days to join the Hunt on his sleek steed, which was used for farm work and riding in the week, and with its companion drew the couple to church on Sundays. They were thoroughly respected."
1822 Hugh McNeile
He was a prominent Evangelical and attended the first of Drummond's conferences, however, he became critical of the movement with its over prophesies and speaking in tongues and thereafter took no further part. He went on to be Dean of Ripon.
Hugh McNeile
1834 John Hooper
n.b. John Hooper's third son is buried in Gyomro, Hungary where a gravestone inscription reads - In Memory of James Filkes Hooper Born 14th November 1829 Died 22nd January 1859 The third son of the late Rev. John Hooper Rector of Albury England
John Hooper
1857 George Raymond Portal George Raymond Portal
1871 Robert James Dundas Robert James Dundas
1904 Henry Ernest Crowley Henry Ernest Crowley
1921 Frederick Norman Skene Frederick Norman Skene
1930 Philip Gray  
1944 James Vaux Cornell Farquar James Vaux Cornell Farquar
1948 Edward Francis Synge Edward Francis Synge
1959 Stewart Orme Stewart Orme
1988 Dudley Harrison Gummer  
1998 The parishes of Albury, Shere and Chilworth combine to form a United Benefice, and Albury no longer has its own Rector.  
1998 Canon Geraint Meirion-Jones was the first Rector of the United Benefice and retired in 2004. Geraint Meirion Jones
2001 Reverend Ken Hobbs (Vicar of Albury) Ken Hobbs
2005 Reverend Charles Lawrence (Rector of United Benefice) Charles Lawrence
2010 Reverend Nick Whitehead installed as new Rector of the Benefice Canon Nick Whitehead
  Reverend Andrew Pearson (Vicar of Albury) Andrew Pearson